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HiPortfolio is the award-winning, complete Investment Accounting and Asset Servicing solution for your investment management operations. HiPortfolio has been chosen by Third-Party Administrators (TPA) and asset management firms in more than 35 countries. All HiPortfolio clients count on its comprehensive, scalable and proven capabilities to successfully manage their investment operations.

HiPortfolio® provides full life cycle processing:

  • Comprehensive Investment and Fund Accounting capabilities
  • Flexible Transaction Processing from order capture to post-trade activity
  • Proven support for middle and back office operations 


Investment Accounting

Accounting Methods & Standards

  • Multiple accounting methods supported including average cost and tax lot
  • Allows for FIFO, LIFO or use of specific identification techniques
  • Flexibility allowing rules such as maximum profit or maximum loss to be automated
  • Selectable preferred costing method by type of security and client portfolio
  • Multiple accounting standards reporting, both IFRS and local GAAP
  • Reporting at different levels using different accounting standards

General Ledger

  • Fully multi-currency to accommodate different portfolio needs
  • Import and export to facilitate integration with corporate general ledger systems
  • Includes a rules engine to auto-post entries to a user definable account structure
  • Handles inconsistent accounting periods across portfolios, differing account codes and structures, and multiple reporting currencies


  • Utilises HiPortfolio transaction records for tax computations
  • Support for Capital Gains Tax, Reclaimable and Withholding tax
  • Ability to calculate realised and unrealised gains and losses
  • Flexibility to support computation and reporting requirements in most jurisdictions

Instrument Coverage

Extensive trade capture, booking and accounting capabilities covering:

  • Equities
  • Fixed income
  • Money Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Futures and Options
  • Derivatives
  • OTC Derivatives
  • Mortgage, Asset backed and Index Linked Securities

Coverage is continually extended to cater for local market asset class innovation.

Transaction Processing

Manage the transactions associated with investment for diverse books of business:

  • Support for common corporate action events
  • Support for complex corporate action events
  • Set up payment schedules for regular and irregular payments to calculate income on a fixed and floating basis

Asset Servicing

Corporate Actions Automation

Our Corporate Actions Automation capabilities combine a flexible and robust rules based workflow engine in the data cleansing process, through the notification and response workflow to deliver cleansed and validated information to downstream systems.

This is a comprehensive offering covering the full lifecycle of event from announcement and data cleansing, through notification, response and instruction processing to entitlement generation and accounting updates.

  • Data management and scrubbing supporting SWIFT ISO 15022 and market data vendor interfaces 
  • Notifications and responses supporting multiple delivery mechanisms, including fax, print, email and SWIFT
  • Entitlement processing with creation of adjustments, integrated with HiPortfolio Capital Events and Income modules

Unit Pricing 

  • Provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for the automated calculation of NAV and unit prices for unitised investment vehicles


  • A highly configurable tool for reconciling HiPortfolio data against external sources, including position and transaction level reconciliations

Portfolio Modelling and Trading

  • Provides front-end decision support from where bulk orders and portfolio allocations can be generated. Enables portfolio monitoring to determine the trading required at either security or sector level to bring portfolios in-line with chosen investment models

Trade Confirmation & Settlement 

  • Offers a trusted trade repository to initiate the process of trade confirmation and settlement


  • Allows investment guidelines, restrictions and exposure limits to be monitored against individual or groups of portfolios


  • Offering complete integrated performance measurement, attribution and analytics. Extended further by our Anova suite for advanced middle office analytics, extended data aggregation and self-service role based dashboards

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